Innovator b-i b, later on CAS Clean Analytical System AB was founded in December 1986 by Mr. Bengt-Inge Brodén, inventor of Clean Lab System, a method which eliminates contamination from blood in laboratory personnel working with blood analysis. The Principe of invention is to reduce the risk and danger of infection to laboratory staff through aerosol production when samples tubes - vacuum tubes - are opened. Clean Lab System gives a greater safety for staff in laboratories, simplified laboratory routines, more effective and more economical.

The invention was honoured as the best invention in Sweden year 1987.

Product Criterias


The products should be easy to use in comparison to other products within the same field. They should also respect the user's integrity. The products should make the work easier both from a practical standpoint as well as a hygenic standpoint.


The materials should be environmentally friendly.


The prices should be comparable to other products within the same scope of practice, or cheaper.