New lightweight version with a good Insulation. Excellent alternative to tents, containers or other solutions. Minimal ground preparation needed compare to other solutions. Aside from tents, this solution decrease the users logistics up to 90%.

Hygiene/RS Field Hospital Modules

Article number: 60 1000-02

  • Equipped with showers
  • Equipped with laundry chute 1.20 m and with water hose for cleaning floors, etc.
  • Toilet solution with low-flush toilets (1 liter)
  • Toilet solution with low-flush toilets (1 liter)
  • Configuration hospital
  • Proposal surgery theater
  • Surgery theater
  • Surgery theater and configuration Pre-op
  • Materials with high solidity

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Proposed product is made up of twenty serial-connected RS modules of each 19m² giving an indoor area of 380m².
High voltage connections is delivered according to request and specification.